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"From dogs to dresses,

my mom can make almost

anything from balloons."

What exactly is Balloon Couture?

Take a look below to view photos and FAQ's...

“Miss Aimee has a rare talent. We are so honored & humbled she has chosen to work with us.”

Cassie Cole - Founder & CEO DFW Teen Fashion Week

What is Balloon Couture?

Miss Aimee's Balloon Couture offers innovative and inspirational fashion designs created entirely from latex balloons! Miss Aimee spends weeks, sometimes months, sketching and carefully designing each piece of wearable art. Once the sketch is completed to her satisfaction, then she is able to begin constructing her designs. The construction process requires a great deal of patience, as each balloon must be woven into the next very carefully to ensure there is no popping, but also very, very quickly since the balloons begin to shrink rapidly. These creations each use hundreds of latex balloons & can take anywhere from minimum 4 hours to create a child sized dress up to over 20 hours to create an intricate ladies dress. These jaw-dropping creations will only last 24-48 hours before beginning to deflate. However, the memories they create are sure to last a life time!

Where is Balloon Couture used?

Balloon Couture can be used at ANY event where you need to stand out and have all eyes on you (or the model representing your company!)

Previous clients have used wearable balloon couture fashions at:

Trade Shows ~ I can help you find a professional model to wear a balloon dress at your companies trade show booth to help draw in extra customers

Photo Ops ~ We'll provide a professional model to wear a balloon dress & stand by YOUR company's banner to pose for pics with guests

Runway Shows ~ Are you a model or modeling agency that wants to add something truly unique and innovative to your repertoire?

Photo Shoots ~ Whether you're wanting fun & flirty, whimsical, or elegant & sophisticated - Balloon Couture is great for print ads, magazine spreads, etc

Promo models/ Servers ~ Hosting an elegant event? Miss Aimee can help outfit your servers in outfits that are sure to be the talk of the town!

Proms, Homecomings, Weddings, Awards Banquets & MORE ~ Miss Aimee will design your dream dress to help you celebrate your special event in style

Can I help decide the style & colors?

Absolutely!! Each design is custom made to fit the clients specific measurements as well as their specific style preferences. Which colors look best on you? Do you prefer a dress or shirt/skirt set? Do you want the length long or short? Do you want fun & flirty, whimsical, retro, trendy, elegant, sophisticated? If the dress is for a hired model / promo girl or if you just need a little help deciding what you want, then Miss Aimee can certainly make some suggestions to help guide you. 

How much money do these cost?

The cost can vary greatly depending on the size & length of the dress as well as how detailed the design is. A floor length evening gown with a train or a dress with a full skirt and many layers of ruffles will cost more than a basic above-the-knee cocktail dress. Because no two dresses are ever exactly the same, it is impossible to give an exact price without knowing details of exactly what you want. Please feel free to contact Miss Aimee to discuss your preferences and receive a no-obligation price quote. 

How much advance notice do you need?

The further in advance, the better. Some of these designs can take weeks or even months to properly plan out. For basic designs, I may be able to create something special for you with as little as a week or two notice, but this would depend on how booked full my schedule is at that time. For multiple outfits or detailed designs, I recommend contacting me at least 1 month in advance.